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Why become a CAVAleader?

Our dream is to protect the environment by allowing everyone to experience the joy of being outdoors and CAVA leaders work with us to achieve this vision. You can learn new skills, make fantastic friends, travel to amazing places, enjoy wonderful natural scenery, earn some money and participate in something bigger than yourself. 

Could I become a CAVAleader?

Anyone can become a CAVAleader and we are open to all!! If you are passionate, care about the environment, well organised, wanting to have fun and eager to learn we want to hear from you!! 

What do CAVAleaders do? 

CAVAleaders lead trips that inspire people to protect and care about the environment. These can include: one day Volunteering Adventures, weekend Camping Adventures and 2nights / 3days Camping Trips. 

How much could I earn as a CAVAleader? 

As a CAVAleader you can earn between 95USD and 400USD per Adventure that you organise. Depending on the number of participants and the length of trip. 

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