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“Our dream is to protect the environment by allowing everyone to experience the joy of being outdoors.”




The Problems 

1. Humankind has huge environment problems including climate change,

habitat destruction, acid rain, species loss and environmental degradation.


2. In an increasingly technological world we have lost many of our 

real human connections. 

Our Solution 
1. Reconnecting with our natural world.

2. Reconnecting with each other.

3. Volunteering a bit of our time each month to protect the environment.


1. We organise camping trips every couple of weeks to reconnect with nature and enjoy the most beautiful places in South East Asia.

2. We volunteer each month to protect the natural environment.

Join us for adventures, fun and making new friends!!


1. Fun

2. Sharing

3. De-commodification

4. Helping Others

5. Leave No Trace

6. Participation


Contact Us

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang 50200

Email: hellocavadventures@gmail.com

Tel: +44 7840 536723

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